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In the Beginning...

My husband and I started our business KARDS and Gifts in 2010. I was pregnant with our youngest child and was on bed rest BORED OUT OF MY MIND. I grew up I a crafting home and whenever we were just sitting around a glue gun was usually warming up for a project to begin. I requested books from our local library on card making and other crafts. I used what I learned to make our baby announcements and thank you cards for our friends and family. I got so many compliments on the greetings that I received thank you cards for the thank you cards. 

My husband had been drawing for many years. While we were in the hospital during my pregnancy he was drawing to pass the time. He received many compliments as well. Working together we decided to start marketing and selling our items at local craft shows.

At the craft shows we met a few people who sold their products online. They invited us to check out their shops and consider opening our own online store.

Over there years we've manage to transition to 100% online selling using various websites. We also increased our presence in the social media world and we're still growing.

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  • Barbara Brown

    Great story! Keep up the good work!

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