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What's In A Name

My husband grew up around the artist in his family. I grew up with a HEAVY crafting home. While most kids spent their weekends sleeping in or going to their weekly lessons I was sitting side-by-side with my mother at craft shows. Helping her sell her crafts and selling my own (my items never cost more than a quarter). I was allowed to walk around and meet customers and other crafters. I was able to learn so much. With such heavy arts and crafts surrounding my husband and myself its almost natural that we have "crafting kids".

We have four amazing children. They love creating, crafting and drawing. I was soooo happy when my oldest son taught the other four how to make toys using shoe boxes, construction paper and lots of glue. I was so proud that they were being creative and happy that I didn't have to spend $50 on the actual toy. They inspire us so much. We feel that all kids are creative with endless imaginations and the possibilities are endless when you give them supplies to build and create.

When I was coming up with a business plan my nephew, Gerald, (who was 12 at the time and is now 16) gave me the idea for a great business name. He's a genius! He suggested that we call it KARDS. I kind-of understood where he was gong, but asked him to explain why "KARDS". His response was, "Simple!" and he wrote on a piece of cardstock next to us...


K - KALANI (age 13)

A - AIDEN (age 4)

R - ROSEMARY (ROSIE) (age 8)

D - DAMIEN (age 9)


That was absolutely BRILLIANT! Those are the names of our four children and it so happens to spell out KARDS (the ages are of 05/2015 they grow so quickly). Gerald was right. Simple! We all work together as a family. All of the work that we do stems from love. Love for our kids. Love for our craft. Love for our customers.



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  • Darice Robinson

    Beautiful handmade gifts…love it and wishing you much success!

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