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Tiffany Michele Crochet with Love

Summer 2010 I was locked away in Labor & Delivery Unit awaiting the arrival of my son. I was about four months pregnant and bored out of my mind. My mother suggested that I take up a craft (I come from a crafting family). I told her I was interested in either crochet or knitting. She surprised me with a "How to Crochet" kit. It included a booklet, a bunch of hooks, a DVD and she purchased a white ball of yarn. She told me that my great aunt was a master crocheter and decided it was my time. I remember as a child watching her jab a stick into a string for hours while waiting for dinner to finish. She taught me how to tie my shoes and felt I was ready for the next step. CROCHET.

So here I lie in a hospital bed, pregnant and bored not knowing I was about to change my life. I delivered my son 10 weeks early. He was discharged five weeks later so he and I were at home alone all day while my husband worked and the children were at school and after school functions. Babies are adorable. Cutest creatures alive, but they don't make good company. They poop, pee and sleep which isn't very entertaining. I tried out various other crafts, but continued to practice my crocheting.

In 2011 I experienced one of the coldest winters in my life. I've lived in Cleveland, OH my entire life, but this winter was BRUTAL! I started thinking about people who did not have the luxury of going into a home and turning on the heat to get warm. That's when I found my purpose. I started watching YouTube videos to help me to develop my skill. I soon started crocheting beanies for people at a local shelter. I shared what I was making on Facebook and people started to ask how could they help. I received a few donations from friends. Not much later I started receiving requests to make certain items.

There was one item that really got the ball rolling. I received a request for a Dallas Cowboys cap. I made one and they did not want that. I made another and they did not want that. I finally made a third one which resembled a football helmet and she was EXCITED. I made arrangements for her to pick it up. Would you believe me if I told you she never purchased the hat. So I was stuck with three custom beanies. I am a strong believer of everything happens for a reason. Not for a moment was I discouraged or even upset.
"I believe that when life gives you lemonade, you make lemonade - and then try to find someone whose life is giving them vodka, and have a party." - Ron White
I slept on it and pondered. I decided to open an eBay account and sell the three beanies on there. I started the bidding off for each at $0.99 (which I would NEVER recommend if your selling anything of value). A week later each one sold for $10-$15. I decided to make more. I sold more. I got request from eBayers asking for other baby items. Diaper covers, booties, mitts, sweaters, sets and more. It was amazing! That's when I decided to actually list in the Etsy store we opened almost a year prior to all this.

We had many great years. I've been able to meet so many wonderful people. I do catch a lot of slack from the seniors. They feel I'm too young to crochet and don't know anything about it UNTIL they see my work. I guess it's the price you pay for being a rookie. In the crochet world I think you're considered a rookie if you're under the age of 75 no matter how experienced you are. I'm totally okay with that.

I still make items and donate to my local charities. People still donate to my cause and I use a good portion of the money that I get from my sales to buy supplies to make for those that need. Now that we generate more business I'm able to donate more items to more people. Its a great feeling.

If you wish to help in any way, feel free to do so. I've included links on this blog to to the places where we donate to so you can do so directly to them or you can click to one of our links to donate to us to help others.

"Never worry about numbers. Help one person at a time and always start with the person nearest to you." - Mother Teresa
Direct to the Organizations:
Direct to Us to Supply Organizations: (when you donate $10 to place they can use it to purchase 2-3 pair of slippers, but when you donate the $10 to use we are able to make 12-20 pair of slippers, either way helps)
You can also send supplies to us. We createed a "Wish List" on Amazon.com
Supplies for Charity
Link: https://amzn.com/w/3GQEAVF227E82
With Love Always!
-Tiffany Settles

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